Purple Notebook 81

Will you validate my hurt like a parking pass
A get-out-of-jail-free card for being an ass
So selfish I can’t see beyond how this feels for me
Like a phantom pain where a limb used to be
An insatiable itch that can no longer be scratched
A gaping hole that can’t be patched
And as much as I know this feels more wrong every day
I know it’s worse for you in every way

Purple Notebook 80

The deep, sharp cut of a surgeon’s knife
The bright, searing pain of a gas-powered torch
The full body trembling and flush of a primal fear anxiety
The near-tangible melancholy from a soulful sad song
The senseless loss from a hateful tragedy
The shocking feeling of sudden silence during a welcome hurricane

Purple Notebook 79

So want to make this black and white
But the reality of it is that it just wouldn’t be right
A variety of ways to avoid the pain
All of them would just increase the strain
And so that only leaves one choice
The one with the quietest and least-desired voice
Take your time and walk straight through
Because no other option will do

Purple Notebook 78

Saw, stitch, mend, fix
The mind can play so many tricks
Some behaviors feel so deeply engrained
Unrelenting like the monsoon rain
But it’s all a matter of perception
Reality defined by an idea’s conception
Can’t buy a vegetable spray
That will unstick a viewpoint’s way
Only the heart balanced with the mind
Can free us from the emotional rut we grind

Purple Notebook 77

I want to tell you I miss you
But that would just make it worse
I want to hold you and kiss you
And tell you everything will be OK
But that won’t be happening tonight
Or any other night
But still I
Can’t help

Purple Notebook 74

Oh my dear Fall
Let us have a ball
You bring the chill nights
I’ll bring the warmth and delight
Together during the days of colors we shall dance
As the trees shed their leaves for their winter stance
Your gentle touch brings a new carpet to the forest floor
The scenery excites my mind as I walk from door to door
And while you are here, it is you I will most adore
Before winter comes and you are once again no more
Assail my senses with your sights, smells and breezes
Until I am overwhelmed with hurts and sneezes
So tell me my dear Fall, can I have this dance
And we can begin again our yearly romance

Purple Notebook 73

A ripple and a rumble
A flash and then a tumble
A jumble of displaced molecules
An afterimage measured in joules
A solo concerto of a tin roof tympani
A black and white photo of the heavens empty
A procession of used cotton balls
A church bell issues forth its calls
An illumination of yellow from stage left
A smattering of coloring by a hand most deft
A sonic scream from a fuel source unclean
An evening painted as a dream

Purple Notebook 72

The feel of the wind and the sound of the rain
Soothing sensations that please the brain
The smell in the air
The wetting of the hair
You don’t even need your eyes
To visualize
Endless progression of this wet grey haze
Few better ways to spend the days
A reminder of pleasures of simpler things
And the pure joy that it brings

Purple Notebook 71

It was dark and gray
A cold summer’s day
The rain drifted down
All over this town
And I want to be
Sitting by a tree
Not a thing in sight
Nature in it’s right
Watch the raindrops hit
Progression moves it
A ripple effect
Easy to detect
Feeling the moment
No conscious intent

Purple Notebook 67

The wheels turn and take me there
The temporary alleviation of the weight of my cares
Nothing but the feeling of motion and the wind in my hair
And every day you take me there

Put the foot to the pedal and swing it around again
The creation of motion and then I’m back with my old friend
Wandering paths in ever-changing circles, hoping it will never end
But on the morrow I know we will be joined again

Thank you for showing me sights that by my eyes have yet to be seen
For a time it helps my soul almost know what it feels like to be clean
It’s almost surreal enough that I can’t help but wonder if it’s a dream
And I can’t wait to see what else has gone unseen

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