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UnixPunx Benefit Show

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a part of the UnixPunx crew. Basically we’re a bunch of punks who are into Unix or Unix like operating systems. You can get more info here. We’re having a benefit show this Sunday, April 14th. The info is on that site link above, so check it out and help us support the cause!

01/02/2002: Unseen & A Global Threat

This whole show was basically a parting gift to Pete from A Global Threat, since it was his last show with the band, and I can’t think of a much better way to send him off!

Started out with Disaster Strikes. Didn’t get to see them much as I showed up halfway through their set. It was pretty decent, even though I’m not much of a crust/grindcore fan.

Next up was The Profits. Nice to see bands with females in them, especially fronting! Played mostly a crusty style reminiscient of Detestation. Lead singer was definitely one of the most vibrant singers I’ve seen in a while, which really raised my opinion of their set.

Some band played between The Profits and The Unseen. Not sure who it was but they did some good covers.

The fourth ball up was The Unseen, a band for who my admiration has grown greatly in recent months. They played a fucking intense set, featuring a good selection of songs from their most recent album and a lot of classic older ones. The crowd finally came alive here. It rocked my socks off!

Finally, the band of the hour, A Global Threat. Or should I say A Cover Song Threat? :) They played a lot of covers to start out with, featuring UK Subs, Ramones and The Exploited among others. Ended up playing a few of their own songs with the assistance of former singer Mark Unseen.

Great all around show. The soreness indicator of my body agress as well! :P

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