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Slight URL Changes Complete

The URL changes should be complete.  There may be some hiccups until the DNS changes make their way across the interwebz.

Slight URL Changes Coming

On Friday, 29 May 2010 I’ll be making some slight changes to the URL for the site.  If you are currently referencing any content on this site via, this will change to

As this will require some DNS changes, this may cause some disruption to viewing the site.  Worst case scenario, it would be about a 24 hour disruption.

The current system for points you to  This is a holdover from several years ago when the website was hosted on an ISP that didn’t allow incoming connections on port 80.  As there isn’t a need for this anymore, away it goes!

Back From The Dead!

After many years of downtime, has returned to bring you all the latest in pointless ramblings from a man who finds sanity over-rated!

Rocking This Casbah Once Again

Yeehaw, got the website back up! That’ll teach me to rebuild the computer it runs on :P Look forward to some new crud up in this piece soon yo.

Welcome To Shared Stuff

Hi, and welcome to Shared Stuff! This is a new section of the website where I put up random interesting tidbits of whatever I find in my daily travels. Perhaps it will be an interesting link to a webpage, or a thought, or something of someone else’s that struck my fancy. Hopefully you the visitor will find this of value, but if not, I’ve amused myself and in the end hasn’t that been the whole purpose of this website? :)


Was wondering if anyone is getting popup ads when the visit this site. Been hearing from a person or two that they are getting some and they are rather ugly ones at that.

So if you are getting them, please add a comment to this story with the 411.


All Moved, Things Have Returned To Normal

All done moving the site to the new place.


The site will be experiencing some downtime between Wednesday and Sunday as I will be moving. Will update this with a better timeframe when I know.

Troubles With Email

Found out the other day that my email was not working right. It’s all better now so if you tried emailing before and it didn’t work, you can try again!

Back with a new batch…

Another fresh go at the site. Lets see what happens!

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