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Purple Notebook 74

Oh my dear Fall
Let us have a ball
You bring the chill nights
I’ll bring the warmth and delight
Together during the days of colors we shall dance
As the trees shed their leaves for their winter stance
Your gentle touch brings a new carpet to the forest floor
The scenery excites my mind as I walk from door to door
And while you are here, it is you I will most adore
Before winter comes and you are once again no more
Assail my senses with your sights, smells and breezes
Until I am overwhelmed with hurts and sneezes
So tell me my dear Fall, can I have this dance
And we can begin again our yearly romance

Purple Notebook 73

A ripple and a rumble
A flash and then a tumble
A jumble of displaced molecules
An afterimage measured in joules
A solo concerto of a tin roof tympani
A black and white photo of the heavens empty
A procession of used cotton balls
A church bell issues forth its calls
An illumination of yellow from stage left
A smattering of coloring by a hand most deft
A sonic scream from a fuel source unclean
An evening painted as a dream

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