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Purple Notebook 81

Will you validate my hurt like a parking pass
A get-out-of-jail-free card for being an ass
So selfish I can’t see beyond how this feels for me
Like a phantom pain where a limb used to be
An insatiable itch that can no longer be scratched
A gaping hole that can’t be patched
And as much as I know this feels more wrong every day
I know it’s worse for you in every way

Purple Notebook 80

The deep, sharp cut of a surgeon’s knife
The bright, searing pain of a gas-powered torch
The full body trembling and flush of a primal fear anxiety
The near-tangible melancholy from a soulful sad song
The senseless loss from a hateful tragedy
The shocking feeling of sudden silence during a welcome hurricane

Purple Notebook 79

So want to make this black and white
But the reality of it is that it just wouldn’t be right
A variety of ways to avoid the pain
All of them would just increase the strain
And so that only leaves one choice
The one with the quietest and least-desired voice
Take your time and walk straight through
Because no other option will do

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