Having used Netflix on the Wii for a few months now, I’ve come up with a few more tidbits to share.  While there are more cons than pros here, it really hasn’t interfered with my enjoyment of Netflix on the Wii.


  • The Wii picks up changes to the queue you make from a computer pretty quickly while the Netflix app is running on your Wii.
  • If a title in your DVD queue becomes stream-able, it’s automatically added to your Instant queue.


  • Every once in a great while, a given title will have jerky video playback and doesn’t appear to be scaled to the screen.  It persists through sessions as well.  The title plays fine through a web browser however.
  • Wireless performance isn’t as good as wired performance.  Mostly this shows up when you initially start up a title.  Normally broadband speed isn’t such that it should really make a difference which type of connection you use, but apparently it does.
  • For some reason, some titles in my queue got re-ordered for no apparent reason.  I hadn’t touched the queue itself around when this happened so not sure what really happened.  However it’s only happened once so far.
  • While you can search for additional selections to watch on the Wii, the titles aren’t sorted alphabetically.  Also it doesn’t appear that you get the full selection of stream-able content available when searching this way.  Not typically a big deal for my personal usage though as I’m often managing queues at the computer rather than the Wii.


  • Sometimes when watching a title, it will have problems streaming and need to re-queue.  I noticed this more using wireless connection than the wired one, but I can’t say if this was  due more to problems with the internet connection or the Wii.
  • Given the interface the average user has with the Wii, I don’t expect the full gamut of queue management features that exists in the online interface to show up on the Wii.  However, as an avid watcher of TV series, it would be nice to have an option to move a selection to the top spot in the queue.